The #SPSFC Book Cover Contest is LIVE!

Now that BLOODLINES has survived the preliminary round of selection in the inaugural Self-Published Science Fiction Contest, the event coordinators announced that the Top 100 covers would be entered into a cover contest. And guess which cover made it?

Beautifully developed by Lance Buckley Design (, the BLOODLINES cover conveys the mood and theme of the story in subtle ways. From the constant rain, the surrounding red and blue and softer colors bleeding together, and the cyberpunk city-scape that forming the background, to a resolute Tom “Doc” Holliday in the foreground striding toward whatever horrors the dark side of Empire City has in store for him.

As for the contest, you can cast your vote here.

You don’t need to register for it (other than typing in your first name). Search the covers until you find BLOODLINES, then move the slider up or down (1 = lowest rating). You can also vote for as many book covers as you like…but of course I’m partial to mine. The contest runs from August 21st until September 11th.

And if you still haven’t read either novel, you can find them here:


Pieces of Eight

I have to say, the other 99 covers chosen for this contest are GORGEOUS! Such fantastic art on display, so make sure you take the time to sift through all of them to appreciate the wonderful imagery, and give them a vote too!

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