Book Release Day!

Happy Book Birthday to PIECES OF EIGHT!

This was a tough one to write. I knew it would take a toll on me emotionally, because I wanted to delve deeper into Holliday’s backstory. I drew on some personal experiences, and touched on what I consider to be very important themes of family, friendship, trust, justice versus vengeance, and truth. This story took a lot longer to produce than it should have, for a variety of reasons that I won’t get into here. Suffice it to say, the book can finally see the light of day, and I can officially move forward with my own creative process.

How do you stop a killer who’s already dead?

So what’s next?

Well, I’m looking into having an audiobook made for BLOODLINES. And I need to get past chapter 1 in The Devil’s Share, Book 3 of the Guardian of Empire City series. I’ve got the framework of the story partially worked out, but I’m missing the creative energy needed to get going on it. I know that my process takes time. I’m a pantser (write by the seat-of-my-pants) with some organization (I do outline the story to a degree, but let my creativity fill in the gaps most of the time). My day job takes a lot out of me, but I’m now into the slower business cycle of my year which should allow me time to work on the story. I’ve been reading a lot, which always helps, as I do draw inspiration from many of the books I read. And I have a vacation coming up with my family that should hopefully help recharge my batteries.

I always dreamed of having a book on the bookshelf at some bookstore. Now, I have TWO books on a worldwide virtual bookshelf, thanks to Amazon! It’s an incredibly gratifying feeling to be able to share my stories with readers, for good or for bad, and to know that I am capable of completing such a herculean project. While I would love to write full-time, the reality of the fact that I have two growing boys and a family to feed remind me where my priorities lie. I wish I could be as prolific as most of my contemporaries, but my writing process calls for quality over quantity. But I do hope my verve for Empire City, Doc, Leyla, Deacon and Besim push me to write more of their stories. They’re all rolling around inside my noggin itching to be told. And I will get to them…eventually.

Thanks to all of the readers who have taken the time to come here, or picked up one (or both!) of my books and given them a whirl. I hope I’ve been able to entertain you, even if only for a little while.

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