New Podcast Episodes

I’ve been a bad boy. Completely forgot to mention the last two podcast episodes I’d recorded with three other very wonderful writers. Those writers are:

Zack Brooks (@zackbrooks): author of the Trials of Amaford novellas and the Charlie the Cupid shorts. All of which are available on Amazon.

Peter James Martin (@Brennan_and_Riz): author of the Strange Tales of Brennan and Riz, and a bunch of other quality short stories. Also available on Amazon. Peter also has a blog that you can find here:

Kelvin Rodrigues (@KelvinROfficial): the creator of the #vss365 serial Haskins & The Commander. Kelvin is working on a novel, and hopes to have it out to readers soon.

Check out “All About Me: Peter James Martin” and “Imposter or Not” located at


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