It’s alive! ALIVE!!!

Cue the Oingo Boingo music, people!

You saw the teaser yesterday.

Well, this morning, I can honestly say that my book is officially official!

Bloodlines is now available at the following online retailers: Amazon, kobo, iBooks, tolino and Playster!!!

You can reach them via this UBL: HERE

I’m still pending these vendors: Barnes & Noble, SCRIBD, 24symbols, OverDrive and bibliotheca. I expect them to be ready in the next few days, at the latest.

The novel started back in the summer of 2015. From countless, long hours of editing, to hearing the feedback from my wonderful crew of beta readers, Bloodlines is truly a labor of love.

I hope you enjoy the novel as much as I did in writing it.

And if you do like the story, please leave some feedback at the site from which you purchased it. The more the novel “aggregates”, the better chances it has of reaching a wider audience.

Tell your friends, too. I’ll be posting on social media later today (my day job beckons!), so feel free to share or retweet or send out smoke signals, or whatever it is you can do to let other people know it’s a good read.

THANK YOU to everyone involved in giving birth to this project!

And now, I’ve got to get finished working on Novel #2! Don’t think for a second that Tom Holliday and the Special Crimes crew are resting on their laurels after solving the Bloodlines case.

For there are more dark and sinister things afoot in Empire City…if only you know where to look…

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