What Comes Next?

Sometimes, life just gets in the way. You can't stop it. You can only hope to contain it. And that's why I thought I'd provide a quick update on PIECES OF EIGHT, the sequel to BLOODLINES. The Good: Editing is finished. I've done the best job my amateur, grammar-addled, anally-retentive mind can do on the … Continue reading What Comes Next?

Seeing With 2020

I'm terrible at blogging. It's a terribly-kept secret, but then anyone who follows this website and my blog already knows this. As the kids sometimes say, "Whatevs." So, what's been happening with me? Glad you asked! Not a lot. Well, that's not entirely true... Over the summer, I contracted with a wonderful independent editor named Liz Heijkoop … Continue reading Seeing With 2020

No More Diapers

Today marks one year since I unleashed BLOODLINES upon an unsuspecting world. The results? Remarkable. My wife will tell you I expected, at most, thirty sales. I counted the number of people I knew who I hoped would buy it, and discounted the rest of the world. I was woefully mistaken. As of today, there … Continue reading No More Diapers